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Turning 65?  Have questions about Medicare?  We represent all the carriers in the area, give us a call today for your free one on one consultation.  Make sure to bring your red, white and blue Medicare card, a list of your prescription drugs (with milligram amount), and a list of all the doctors that you currently see.  336-270-5202 or 336-584-2705.

How much do you pay for our services?  Absolutely nothing, Zero, Nada…….Period!!!

We are paid directly by the insurance companies to sign you up, so use us!!  We are a free service!!

1 in 2 Men

1 in 3 Women

CANCER touches everyone.

Do you have a Cancer plan?  Who pays the bills when your loved one is going through this terrible disease?  How many days of work will each of you miss?  A Cancer plan is one of the most important policies that you can buy for your family.  We even have a paid up feature, call today to find out about this important insurance.

Life Insurance is more than a policy, it is a promise to your family.

We have guaranteed life insurance plans, no matter what your health condition is.

Give us a call today to get protection for your family.


February 9 • ATTENTION: We are not selling health insurance effective immediately

Due to all the Health Insurance Carrier’s losses in the Affordable Care Act, they have made the decision to stop paying Insurance agents any more commissions.  We have mouths to feed and employees to support, so we will not be able to help individuals enroll in health coverage at this time.  Customers are to go […]

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June 22 • New Life Insurance and Dental Insurance Tabs are active!

If you need dental or life insurance, please select the tab and check out our prices.  Plans are easy to find and purchase right on your laptop or computer!  If you want to come in the office give us a ring at 336-584-2705 and we will be happy to help.

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Your NC Insurance Agency

We are a North Carolina licensed independent insurance agency, however we are not affiliated with any official/government North Carolina state agency. Don Allred Insurance has the freedom to work for you: We provide personalized service and personalized attention without any additional cost, and we work with you to help you get the best health insurance package for your particular situation. We can help you file claims, research claims and get claims paid.   We do the legwork for you. After all, your health is personal. Shouldn’t your service be also?

Don Allred Insurance is a licensed North Carolina Insurance agency that sells Medicare Supplements, Medicare Insurance, Long Term Care, Life Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Critical Illness Policies, Annuities, and Short Term Care insurance, we are located in Burlington NC.