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ATTENTION: We are not selling health insurance effective immediately

Due to all the Health Insurance Carrier’s losses in the Affordable Care Act, they have made the decision to stop paying Insurance agents any more commissions.  We have mouths to feed and employees to support, so we will not be able to help individuals enroll in health coverage at this time.  Customers are to go to www.healthcare.gov and enroll directly through the marketplace.  We are sorry it had to come to this, but at this time it is our decision.  We will continue to service all the customers that we sold insurance to.  We are checking with the attorney general to see if we can charge a consultation fee to help others enroll…….but right now that is murky because insurance agents are not set up to be consultants and we don’t know if our E&O will allow us to do this. We still offer all the other types of coverage like auto, home, Medicare, Life, Cancer, Long Term Care, and dental insurance.  Again, we hope that the government fixes this so we can return to selling……….but at this point through the end of this year……that is all we can do.

New Life Insurance and Dental Insurance Tabs are active!

If you need dental or life insurance, please select the tab and check out our prices.  Plans are easy to find and purchase right on your laptop or computer!  If you want to come in the office give us a ring at 336-584-2705 and we will be happy to help.

How much am I saving going directly to the Marketplace for health insurance?

Nothing!!  YOU ARE PAYING THE SAME AMOUNT THAT YOU WOULD IF YOU HAD YOUR OWN AGENT!!!!  We are paid by the insurance companies, you could use us and get personal service at no additional cost.  Don’t go direct, let us help you!!  Call us today 336-270-5202 or 336-584-2705


Our Holiday Hours will be the following:

Closed Wednesday December 24th-Sunday December 28th

Closed Wednesday December 31st-Thursday January 1st

These closing dates are for all office locations


Come check out our new location in the HOLLY HILL MALL, Burlington NC

You do not need an appointment in our new location at the mall during the following hours.  Friday 1-6, Saturday 10-2, and Sunday 1-5.  We can help you get signed up for health insurance with one of our agents.  Call us at 336-270-5202.

Medicare Advantage Seminars Burlington NC Starting in October 2013

Interested in attending one of our Medicare Advantage Seminars?  During the Annual Enrollment Period October 15th-December 7th, people with Medicare A and Medicare B can change plans.  If you are interested in learning more about our Medicare Advantage Products here is a list of seminars to attend.  We will be at the Hampton Inn (behind Outback Steakhouse) in Burlington NC off of the Huffman Mill Rd. exit.

Here is the schedule for Medicare Advantage Seminars in Burlington NC

Thursday October 17th 2013 at 10:00 and 2:00

Tuesday October 22nd 2013 at 10:00 and 2:00

Tuesday October 29th 2013 at 10:00 and 2:00

Thursday November 7th 2013 at 10:00 and 2:00

Tuesday November 12th 2013 at 10:00 and 2:00

Thursday December 5th 2013 at 10:00 and 2:00


If you would like a personal appointment, please call the office at 336-584-0812 and ask for Don or Scott Allred.


Our agents will be at the Walmart located in Burlington NC to discuss the healthcare law from October 1st-March 31st

Our agents will be at the Walmart located in Burlington NC at 530 S. Graham Hopedale Rd.  Burlington NC 27217.  If you work during the day and you need an evening appointment this is available for anyone.  No appointment is needed, in order to see if you will qualify for a subsidy, please bring in your 2012 tax return or a current paystub.  We can figure out what plan and what premium you will be looking to pay next year. We will be there the following hours: Mondays 4-7 pm, Tuesdays 4-8 pm, Wednesdays 4-8 pm, Thursdays 4-8 pm, Fridays (not staffed), Saturdays 9 am- 3 pm, and Sundays 12-3 pm.  If you have any questions about where to find the Wal-Mart please call our office at 336-584-0812.

If you buy your own health insurance, you need to watch this video asap!!!

If you are purchasing your own health insurance for next year, you need to watch this video presentation.  This presentation goes in depth about the health care law and the government subsidies that will be available to help your buy your health insurance.  The affordable care act is a complex law, watching this video from Don Allred Insurance will give you a better explanation of what is coming around the corner on January 1st 2015.


Here is the link to the video

Blue Map now available on nchealthagency.com

Blue Map is now available on our site.  If you are wondering if you will qualify for a subsidy in the new health care exchange, please take a minute and click on this link BLUE MAP  You will need to enter your family’s information in the page, and it will give you an idea if you will qualify for help in the new Affordable Care Act.  Don Allred Insurance located in Burlington, NC will be available to help you find your plan starting October 1st, 2013.  Don Allred Insurance is a President’s Club Producer with Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC.

Questions about the new health care law?

A lot of our clients have questions about the new health care law called the Affordable Care Act.  How does this law impact them and their pocket book.  Don Allred Insurance is here to help, we will be serving as a North Carolina health exchange insurance agent.  We will help clients apply for a government subsidy to help purchase their insurance, and then work with them on selecting a plan.  Open enrollment starts October 1, 2013, don’t worry we are here to help.  We have been helping clients since 1971, and will continue to work through this new obstacle.  Finding health insurance doesn’t have to be difficult, if you are working with the right people.  We will be having our last health care reform meeting on June 28, 2013……at this point we will be working with our benefit design team and meeting with companies that are worried how this law may impact them.  What you want is a Health Insurance agent located in North Carolina, that is familiar with our state and our laws.  We are located in Burlington, North Carolina and we offer health insurance to individuals, Medicare Insurance, small group health insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance, and life insurance.  Give us a call today at 336-584-0812, or email us at info@nchealthagency.com


Don Allred Insurance is located in Burlington, North Carolina.  We have been here since 1971 and would love to give your our personal service.  Remember, your insurance is personal…………..shouldn’t your service be?

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