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Welcome to our Medicare page.  If you are getting ready to turn 65 or you just became eligible for Medicare due to disability you need to go ahead and set up an appointment to talk with us.  This appointment usually will take one hour.  The appointment will consist of two parts.  During the first part we will sit down one on one and educate you on original Medicare first.  During this appointment we will talk about Part A and Part B, as well as Part D.  After this we can discuss the different types of Medicare Insurance that are available to purchase.  Choosing a Medicare plan that fits your budget is extremely important.  We have to discuss your health, and your prescription drugs before we can even think about the type of policy that you will need.  We think choosing a Medicare plan is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your lifetime.  Quoting over the phone or on the website is not something that we like to do.  Please call us today or fill in the contact information below to get your free Medicare consultation started.


Medicare Consultation

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