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ATTENTION: We are not selling health insurance effective immediately

Due to all the Health Insurance Carrier’s losses in the Affordable Care Act, they have made the decision to stop paying Insurance agents any more commissions.  We have mouths to feed and employees to support, so we will not be able to help individuals enroll in health coverage at this time.  Customers are to go to www.healthcare.gov and enroll directly through the marketplace.  We are sorry it had to come to this, but at this time it is our decision.  We will continue to service all the customers that we sold insurance to.  We are checking with the attorney general to see if we can charge a consultation fee to help others enroll…….but right now that is murky because insurance agents are not set up to be consultants and we don’t know if our E&O will allow us to do this. We still offer all the other types of coverage like auto, home, Medicare, Life, Cancer, Long Term Care, and dental insurance.  Again, we hope that the government fixes this so we can return to selling……….but at this point through the end of this year……that is all we can do.